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Finding A Midwife

Finding A Midwife

Choosing a midwife, especially one who attends home births, can be a monumental challenge.  Not only do you have to FIND her (or him), you need to determine if she can accomodate your unique needs and is available for your due date, takes your health insurance and/or doesn't cost an arm and a leg for families with no medical coverage.   If you find yourself in the ever-growing number of families with no health insurance or maternity benefits, you'll want to find out if you can afford her fee. 

Here are some resources & directories to help you get started on your search:
 - Finding a Midwife - 
How to go about finding a midwife
Many of the links on this page are dead, but there are still some good ideas here. -
"Where/how do I find a midwife?"
Feb 12, 2007

Midwife Directories - Midwife Search
This is the same as Birth Partners and forwards to: - find midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, alternative health care practitioners, birth art and other birth products & services. - find a midwife, doula, childbirth educator, or alternative healthcare practitioner in the Chicagoland area. - C.A.R.E Network - Milwaukee area birth professionals - CBEs, midwives, birth & PP doulas, lactation consultants, bodyworkers, chiropractors.


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