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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

Avoid the “Baby Blues” & PPD, enhance your energy levels and increase your milk supply with placenta capsules!  If you find the idea of having a more enjoyable & peaceful postpartum experience appealing, you should to consider injesting your placenta in capsule form.

Placenta Benefits

Your baby’s placenta prepared in a suspended form:
  • is high in easily digested protein
  • contains your own natural hormones
  • is vibrationally unique and is perfectly made for you
  • helps you have a happier & more relaxed postpartum recovery
  • is helpful for PMS, during menopause and for empty-nest syndrome
  • provides support during periods of major change and stress throughout your entire life.
In the postpartum period, placenta capsules and drops can be used to:
  • balance your system & hormone levels
  • reduce bleeding & pain post-natally
  • hasten the return of your uterus to its pre-pregnant state
  • enhance milk production & increase your milk supply
  • increase your energy level & improve mental clarity
  • replenish depleted iron stores
  • decrease the likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders
  • reduce or eliminate hair loss & night sweats
  • provide support during times of separation from your baby

Contact us for more information on our Placenta Preparation Services and fees.

Serving Lake County, IL in northern Chicagoland, Kenosha WI & the southern Milwaukee Metro area.

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